Hey Sailor,

nice to see you here 🙂 You want to know something more about me and passive income port? Ohh, what a pleasure 🙂

But as this website is mainly built to serve YOU, this is not about me, I will be pretty short here.

I am not any extraordinary guy, my name is Paul Simanek, currently living in beautiful Prague city in the middle of Europe. Now I am 34 years old and as you can assume, I really like concept of passive income and live the life I want to.

I am in online marketing niche and generating passive income online since 2014. I had a great success with my local website for Czech audience and step by step I tried out many online and passive income possibilites and build more websites which are now bringing me passive income month after month.

But on that road I came across to many, many scams, outdated method, useless information, softwares and to say it – bullshits.

Therefore I put together this website – passiveincomeport.com in order to be able share with you best strategies, tools, courses and methods which are designed to move you from making zero to making a living online.

We will focus here on building assets, that will serve us in future as our income streams. We will look on residual income types and passive income types.

We know that will right attitude from the start, you can achive your goals, whatever they are. So pls do not expect that you will be rich over night after reading few article on blog.

You must know that only true and valuable assets are able to genereat you passive or residual income for the long run. Focus on that.

I guess that live the life on your own terms is big secret or not so secret wish of all of us. So I will do my best to share with you what works best for me and what I do to generate monthy passive revenue.

No fluff, no gimmicks, no scams, no bs. I am straight to the point guy so you will find here only valuable information which can help you make passive income online.

I am looking forward to be here with you on board to online success.

All the best,

Paul Simanek