• Stay Motivated

    5 Inspirational books you must read

    As marketers, we’re always digging up new strategies and go-to ways to find ideas and inspirations for that next campaign. Though creativity can spur from almost anything we watch, follow and attend, books are always a fantastic and trusted source for activating out-of-the-box thinking in other threads of our mind-map. They can be mindset books, business-related books, biographies, and even random Kindle reads you tackle every now and then. As long as your mind is kept open and set on learning mode, the sky’s the limit. The first two books were highly recommended by our CEO, Erez Shalev. They are books that inspired different thinking and perspective in him, and…

  • Without work there are not any cakes, any leads, any orders and no money
    Stay Motivated

    Without work there are not any cakes, any leads, any orders and no money

    Do you want to make money online? REALLY? And are you ready for that? Do you know what this means? Do you have time to make this online thing work? Sometimes I will ask questions that are irritating, but if you are thinking of starting an online career or doing some kind of online business, perhaps, or more likely, this post will come in handy. We omit today from our contribution e-shops, which are more than infants in the United States and break through with the new e-shop today is no fun at all. This is evidenced by the rough statistics of how many e-shops are really lucrative or who…

  • Stay Motivated

    I want to make money, now and for free :)

    I want to make money and want´em now and for free. I recently received an email from one website visitor who stuck in my leaky memory, which suggests something… I do not think that its approach would be an exception, but it is in the heads of many people who then unrealistically hamper. We were in touch about one project, and that lady did not like the idea to invest something in the project. She literally wrote, “I want to make money, but I do not want to invest anything.” I was quite startled at first and absolutely did not know how to respond. But for a moment, I thought…

  • 4 Motivational Tips to Move Your Business Forward
    Stay Motivated

    4 Motivational Tips to Move Your Business Forward

    Read this short article and learn 4 Essential Motivational Tips which Will Help You to Move Your Business Forward     For a long time, I wanted to write some motivational article, but as usual it takes me more time than I have succeeded, so I hope you will enjoy it. One of the most important points on the way to building a thriving online business is how you can respond to the inevitable stitch faced by almost every entrepreneur. When you start a new business, some extra motivation is not needed. You are full of enthusiasm, expectation and energy. Getting up early in the morning and going to work…


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