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Earn Money with Multiple Websites, Is That Easy?

Will I earn multiple times more revenue with multiple sites?

It’s an idea that attacks many beginning online entrepreneurs or most admins who run their own website and gradually start to make some money on the site.

Will I earn money with multiple websites, if I am already bringing some profits with current sites?

At first, this is not much, usually a few bucks per month.

The enthusiasm and joy that the beginning entrepreneur feels with the first earned money is, of course, enormous. And he is starting to make plans to raise revenues.

One of the first things to think about is to make more sites.

It’s simple numbers game.

One site now earns me $100 per month. It’s enough if I would have 20 simple sites and I can count on $2,000 every month, she says.

Is that really true? Is that a simple one?

Will I be able to handle all and earn money with multiple websites?

No way. It would of course be great, but unfortunately it is not so easy.

We have to look at it with sober eyes and remove the pink glasses that we have on.

Most beginning online entrepreneurs are one-man show projects where the work of a programmer, designer, UX, coder, graphic designer, copywriter, SEO guru, linkbuilder and marketer merges into one person.

And that’s not a peace of cake.

While today’s tools makes the neccessary work more automated and easier, there is still a huge quantum of tasks that need to be done to make sites work and bring added value to users and administer some revenue.

We can pay for jobs and professionals, but …
There is, of course, a possibility to outsource many things associated with putting the site into operation and running it.

But let’s say honestly how many start-ups have it? 1,2, 5% of them?

Building a quality website with the help of experts is not a matter of several hundreds, but rather several thousands of dollars, depending on many circumstances. And it has little to begin with.

There are sites and projects that make up only one person who cares for everything.

It suggests the structure of the site, its look, it does SEO analysis, prepares website pages, graphical elements, writes articles, creates and manages profiles on social networks and devotes itself to marketing, so anyone can hear about him.

I certainly did not name all the aspects (just a few of the basic ones), but do you see the work that you must accomplish for a simple website to be running?

And now you have to imagine that you have to manage all this at the usual daily rhythm, in your spare time after work.

From my personal experience I can say that there is more than enough joy and worry with one website if you want to do it well.

Running the site does not end, or vice versa.
Most work is, of course, at the beginning, if you launch a new project, but even after its start, you will not have a significant rest.

Keeping the web up-to-date, executing orders, communicating with customers, writing engaging articles, and being active on social networks also requires a lot of time and attention.

Do you think you could do all of this at the same level for 20 sites?

Each of us is, of course, efficient differently. But we all have 24 hours a day, which we can not extend.

The question is, then, whether it is better not to focus all your energy and leisure time on a project and make it as high and good as possible?

Personally, this path appears to me to be much more viable and as a result, more efficient.

Nowhere is written that if the site earns $ 1,000 a month, another site will earn the same. It can be more, but it can also be a slump and the web will not earn anything in the first months.

But if you focus on a single site that already makes some money, it is almost certain that the revenue from this site will gradually increase.

More activity, more content, more marketing are all things that will be reflected in the performance and revenue of the site.

Focus on quality, not quantity

Thinking about the timing of running new sites is also very important.

It is not good to build multiple projects at once.

Personally, I can manage up to 2 quality sites per year. One after another.

If I worked on both or more sites at the same time, 100% would know the quality will suffer.

So, I only start the new web project when the previous project is running, developing in the right direction, managing to take care of it, or having the means to entrust myself to the normal activities associated with managing the project.

Only at the moment when one has enough time and enthusiasm for a new project is time to go into it. You will definitely do a good job, you will have time and energy for it and your previous project will not suffer in any way.

So how many sites do you have, so much will you earn?

You are already clear about the fact that there are no proportions between how many sites you have and how much money you earn.

Just as well you can feed one web as a portfolio of 10 sites. It is important to realize what we have capacities and to start gradually.

Personally, I think running 3-4 projects in 2 years is more than enough.

There is always room to skirt existing sites, offer new services, new content, improve conversions, engage new audiences and increase the revenue that comes from the site.

Quality in this direction is clearly winning over quantity.

If you crack 20 sites, but the visitor does not get anything decent, you probably will not even get it.

So try to think first of all if you use the full potential of your site before embarking on a new project, where you can expect a lot of work with uncertain results.

Wonderfull day to you sailor 🙂


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