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How to Generate Leads without Marketing Budget

Is It Possible to Generate Leads without Marketing Budget?

When you are building internet projects, you should sketch out in advance how to generate leads for your site. Even the best project on earth can not be successful if people do not know about it.

That is why traffic is one of the most important things to think about right at the beginning.

For the success of the future projects, this question is one of the most important. If you prepare a landing page with a few sentences, a promo video and a subscribe form, it will be very difficult to bring customers through SEO optimization.

Conversely, if you go into writing a niche blog, it should not be a problem for you to build up permanent organic search traffic over time.

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The highlighted words from the previous sentence are just what makes the process of getting free traffic so “demanding“. Very few people today are able and willing to spend a lot of time building the content that bring organic visitors over time.

It is one of the dividers between successful internet entrepreneurs and those who prefer to give up.

As you have already learned from reading my blog, I am not the one who would hurt your honey around your mouth, promise mountains of mines or wealth through some magical software, etc.

While it is always only my subjective opinion, I try to pass on the accumulated experience and knowledge without exaggeration, as it happens very often in the make money online niche.

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So even now you will hear from me that building internet projects without money to promote them is at least running for a long track. Most people give it up after a few months when they will not see thousands of dollars on their account.

It is from them that you can hear that making money online does not work at all.)

But then the famous industrialist and businessman Henry Ford said:

if I had the last dollar for business, I’d put it on the ad.

Without the support of paid advertisements, whether in search engines, on social networks or anywhere else, it is very difficult to enforce today.

Fortunately, free advertising is not just about building content and getting organic traffic from time to time. There are also some quicker ways to know about your projects without spending too much time or your money.

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Even before we look at such an interesting method, I must still pause over the term used – FREE TRAFFIC.

It does not actually exist. Traffic from search engines such as Google or Bing, which is most often referred to as traffic, requires something.

That is the content. Top quality, original and beneficial content.

In order for the content to be good for the reader, it is necessary to devote a lot of time to writing articles, which is definitely free of charge.

On the contrary, it’s something that none of us can buy. Think about it when you think about your new projects and how you get visitors to them.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get visitors free of charge, not just from organic search, and these methods are as many times as significantly faster than sequential traffic from search engines.

Many times is possible to automate this promotion in a way and that is exactly what will help us tremendously.

As you know, hundreds of millions of people are on Facebook every day, so focusing their efforts on getting “free” from Facebook right makes sense. With the techniques and tools I’m talking about today, you can reach a large number of targeted visitors using Facebook almost for free.

The tool I would like to say you can not do magic. It can not bring visitors to a finger snap, or just by asking for it. There is a lot of effort to be done. You can, however, increase the number of visitors to your projects without multiplying the amount of time or money you put into the promotion.

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I’m talking about automating posts in Facebook groups. Specifically, an app that allows you to write your posts in advance, and post them according to schedule to groups you are a member of.

The SlackSocial application simply connects with your Facebook account and you can get started. You can prepare an unlimited number of posts and automatically share them in groups where your content users and potential customers are.

In addition, SlackSocial can work with Facebook, Twitter, Linken, and other social networks. Do you see the tremendous potential and time savings you can get from SlackSocial?


Preparing posts and scoring all Facebook groups will take a while, but then you leave your work on SlackSocial, which will contribute to selected groups by automatic postings for the next six months.

Do you think SlackSocial is worth trying? Definitely yes. Personally, thanks to this app, I brought quite a large number of visitors to a different landing pages and some percent of them rewound to customers or fans.

You can try SlackSocial for free and find out if it suits you and is beneficial for your business.


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