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I want to make money, now and for free :)

I want to make money and want´em now and for free.

I recently received an email from one website visitor who stuck in my leaky memory, which suggests something…

I do not think that its approach would be an exception, but it is in the heads of many people who then unrealistically hamper.

We were in touch about one project, and that lady did not like the idea to invest something in the project. She literally wrote, “I want to make money, but I do not want to invest anything.”

I was quite startled at first and absolutely did not know how to respond. But for a moment, I thought and I realized that I had seen such an approach, I had met him before and it was not unusual.

Perhaps this is exactly the attitude that causes 90% of people who are trying to make money online fail. Perhaps it is a very poor financial literacy of population.

An even worse combination happens if people do not even want to work or invest some effort to achieve their goals, but they would like to make money online. Sorry, but that does not really work sailors.

I want to make money

If you currently do not have any money for any investment to your business (tools, ads, content etc.), you just have to roll up your sleeves and begin to invent, work and create.

You have to stop sitting on your butt before the box is turned on and whining it is not that it does not work, I can´t do it, and that it’s all cheating and other nonsense.

You have to reframe your thinking and then nothing stops you. But you just have to accept the fact that money just appear in our pockets even if we are talking about the online world. Something needs to be done.

Web gives you plenty of choices, and maybe thanks to it you can do what you enjoy, what interests you and fulfill you. The money that comes with it is a very nice bonus.

Do not block yourself with unnecessary prejudices, gather enough quality information to know how to get started and go ahead. I will repeat myself, but no one else will do it for you. Good luck to you sailor.


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