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Without work there are not any cakes, any leads, any orders and no money

Do you want to make money online? REALLY?

And are you ready for that?

Do you know what this means? Do you have time to make this online thing work? I will ask questions that can be irritating now, but if you see on your bank account “no money”, maybe you missed something.

If you are thinking of starting an online career or doing some kind of online business, perhaps, or more likely, this post will come in handy.

We omit today from our contribution eshops and dropshipping stores, which are more than infants in the United States and break through with the new estore today is no fun at all.

This is evidenced by the rough statistics of how many e-shops are really lucrative or who even live their owners.

It is estimated that 75% of e-shops are lagers waiting for their departure when their hosting or domain expires.

About 10% of webstores are capable of generating a few hundreds or thousands of orders a month. You also do not pay too much money for it.


An additional 10% are an eshops that works and generates revenue for its owners, from which it can already be spent – say roughly at the level of employee wages from $1000 – $2000 / month.

For most webstore owners, this is exactly what meta they want to achieve. Stay out of corporate world and make your own web store, enjoys the process and also makes a living.

And about the last 5% are e-shops that reign. They have grown to sizes that have tens and hundreds of employees and sell goods with a turnover of tens and hundreds of millions of dollars..

As you can see, even if you go to the webstore and dropshipping industry, you do not have any earnings guaranteed. Creating an dropshipping store today can handle everyone.

But to make it a profitable and stable income stream, it just wants a bit of a bump. If you do not have a good idea and at least a few thousands dollars to start, you better forget about building an online store for now.

Let us return to our topic. No money from your online adventure..

If you read this post, you certainly want to make money online. Maybe I’m going to ask stupid things now, but try not to suffer. And especially with answers to my questions. This will make it much easier.)

Why do you want to earn money online? Would not it be easier to take a couple of weekends in MC´Donalds?

What does this bind you to? Do you have any of your own strong reasons, or did your buddy say what the internet is doing well for him? What is your inner desire?

You have a really strong inner motivation, or you also want strart online business because “this is how he sells his tricks, Joe takes off and you see, now he takes his ass in supercar.” Can you be yourself a boss?

Or you need to be supervised.

Do you have any personal prerequisites or benefits to get you started earning on the web?

It’s not decisive, but if it’s your daily bread to do your 9-5 job and finally go to some bar to drink few beers, get a little bit of fun, look the football in TV in the evening and the next day again, you probably do not have the best odds to make a killing online.


Will you have time to make your online business operational at all and especially keep up-to-date and work on its growth? Or are you just saying that?

And it really does not matter whether you want to sell physical products, build a magazine, hobby web, be an entrepreneur or write a personal blog.

There are certain principles in every form and it is good for everyone to answer the previous questions before you ever get into something.

Maybe that´s why on your bank account is still blinking “no money”.

The questions you have to answer are much more, but I think the most important one is YOUR WHY.

If you know well why you want to build an online income, it is strong enough to hold you even in times when it does not work so well, you will have it much easier. Did you answered your WHY? Is strong enough?

So we went through rapid artillery preparation. Now I’ll ask a little bit sharper. And what have you “done for your online business” already?

Do you know why some real experts such as Niel Patel are not afraid to put their know-how in the world? Why are not they afraid that they will make a huge increase in competition?

Well, the really valuable information and know-how you usually afford to pay well before it buckles into the world. In addition, which is the main thing, they know that 98% of people do not get into practice.

So do not be afraid to say that you really do not do anything good for making money online yet and you just talk about it, watch videos, read educational articles, but the action is somehow missing.

I don´t want to say that gain knowledge is wrong, Not, but you have to take action upon this knowledge.


There is a vast majority of people in this “forever studying” group.

And as you know, no action means no reaction. If you do not start, no one else will do it for you. If this does not happen the first time, no one else will start again. If you can really get started, enjoy your success.

Whoever sows, so also reaps. So to put it a bit in memory without having to talk about a specific product, service, or project you want to run on the web to make a buck, you have to think a lot of things beforehand.

To begin with, the most important answers:

-Why do you want to make money online? … and no, because of more money is not correct, respectively. sufficient answer

-Do you want to earn a couple of hundreds, or do I want to build a steady income from the internet? … for a and even for b it’s right

-Do you really want to go into the e-jungle and enforce your project? … do I have time, money and nerves?

– Would not it be better to take the money for an internet business and prefer to invest somewhere? … here you really think about it

-Can I be the boss myself, or am I numero uno in procrastination? … hmm, what did I want to do last week?

-Are you able set priorities? … clearly, especially for this button to have a lighter hue and I had a place to advertise in the sidebar

-Do you have some extraordinary skills? … there is no need for you to start earning money online, but it fits if you are very good at sometihg ..

– Are you good in something at least? … it would have wanted it 🙂 Whether it’s technical stuff, business, marketing, social networking, communication with people etc.

-What are your strengths and weaknesses? … your personality, you will be the driver and your project will stand and fall

-What is your inner engine that will empower you even in the worse times? … if others do not support you, you have to be at least yourself.)

-How much money will it cost you at the beginning? … you can start with a five bucks in your pocket for domain name and hosting, but what can you do with it and how long it will last, is the second question (help: patience brings roses)

-Do you have any experience? … professional, working I mean.. if you have played in 20 years hockey it does not help you with online business  much

-Can you build web site yourself or do you need to hire external people for each piece of work? … domain, hosting, wordpress..nic does not tell you this? so do not start yet and learn something ..

-How many hours a week you are able to dedicate to project? … 2 hours a week? Depends on the size of the project, but from experience I say that even the smaller projects would be done at fulltime and still would not be done

Did you manage to read here? You have the courage 🙂 .. I definitely do not want you to lost courage, enthusiasm and thirll to start earn some money online right now.

I just wanted you to think little bit before you head into something wrong. You can spend tens or hundreds of hours on your project and then you will realize that you do not really enjoy it.

Think first and then act. If you just swallow the theory, you will not earn anything. If you get into the project without thinking at least in the first place, you probably will not go glorious as well.

So breathe deeply, think about your intentions, and go to the ACTION!

PS. Feeling stuck and don´t know where to go? Start here and take one step after anohter and build your first online income.

Good luck to you!


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